‚ÄčKrystal D. Waiters here, and I am always ready to serve! Born, raised, and currently residing in the DMV, I must say I am a true PG County Girl to the core! My love for fashion and beauty definitely comes from my mother. I can remember at a young age, being mesmerized by how she was able to command a room through her style, without having to say a word. For a long time I didn't realize that I had that same capability. I know that I was created differently for a reason. Standing at 6 feet tall and weighing over 200 lbs, I was made to stand out. While many would consider my height and weight a challenge, I view it as an opportunity to prove the masses wrong. Being tall and plus size, I find joy in creating trends, making statements, and never conforming to societal norms of what "beauty" is supposed to look like. So here's to serving all things fashion and beauty through the eyes of a Waiters! Hope you enjoy!

THe Vision 

Welcome to Waiters Serves Style.com, serving you all things related to fashion and beauty! An umbrella of creativity, ranging from fashion reviews, styling tips and tricks, organization techniques, makeup reviews...the list is endless! I am so happy to SERVE you. Enjoy!

Serving you all things related to fashion and beauty!

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