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You took the risk, you made the transition, you’re excited, because of all of the possible opportunities that you’re expecting to happen. Then you find yourself unexpectedly experiencing things that were not a part of the plan. What do you do? Do you go back to what’s comfortable? Do you find another alternative? Do find another way to play it safe? I’ve found myself in this position more times than I like to think about. Many times I would go back to what’s comfortable, even if it’s dysfunctional, it was still familiar. Playing it safe has, in the past, been a prerequisite for me to make any type of change. Unfortunately, safe, along with control, is nothing more than an illusion. Life has a way of unconsciously warping our minds into believing that playing it “safe” will prevent us from hurt, misery and/or pain. Or have us to believe that if things are good and “comfortable” we’re walking in purpose. However, I’m slowly learning that our expectations are our invitations to what happens to us. When we align ourselves to God, we can boldly declare what we want for our lives. The caveat to that is, we must be willing to trust in Him only. Even when things don’t go according to our plan. If not, when life happens, whether good or bad, we can become distracted and lose sight of our goals and Him. Keep your focus. Don’t give up. Declare and speak the life that you want and follow, trust and obey the only one that can give it to you, God!.

Be well and be blessed!

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It’s Spring Time and that means we need something to wear! But before you start shopping, check out my tips on how to transition your wardrobe into Spring and how to create the best wardrobe for the season.

  1. As always, ASSESS YOUR WARDROBE! Sorry for yelling (lol) but, this will forever be my first tip and probably my most important tip. It’s an imperative tip because you should see what you have before purchasing anything new. This eliminates clutter and also helps to create a functional wardrobe. As we transition into warmer weather, this is the perfect time to remove our heavier pieces and replace them with lighter ones. What I mean by this is, let’s start swapping out our darker fall colors, heavier coats and sweaters, and heavier fabrics like wool for more lighter pastel, cotton, satin/silk pieces. I find dedicating a day to swap out your clothes twice a year, helps to curb my appetite for excessive shopping (I literally did this last week). Once you’ve done all of that, identify what you feel is missing and/or needs to be replaced, or Spring trends that you wish to try, and then make your purchases.

  1. Challenge yourself to try a “no buy” for at least 30 days. I did this for the month of March and I found that once I started shopping again it made me for cognizant of the real reasons why I’m shopping and made me become more intentional with my purchases. Of course a “no buy” helps with saving money, it also helps you to avoid accumulating unnecessary items. For me, it challenged me to create more outfits. It’s easy to create looks with new purchases but for the real fashion girls, true style comes from creating looks from pieces that you’ve already own! For those who are not familiar with a “no buy”, it is a period of time where you do not buy clothes, shoes, makeup or anything that you want feel you want to curb. I plan on only buying items at the start of every season and only buying things that needs to be replaced and/or items that I want to try.

  1. Consider dopamine dressing! Dopamine dressing is dressing with the intention of boosting your mood. Whether it’s incorporating more color, style, or texture; all of these things can have psychological associations that can be tied to memories. With this concept of dressing, when we’re intentional with this type of dressing literally whatever we’re wearing will make us feel great. Also there’s been some psychological implications where getting out of your comfort zone when it comes to clothes can also trigger dopamine release. And if you’re not familiar with what dopamine, it is a chemical released in the brain that makes us feel good. I believe that when you start looking at fashion/clothing as a creative outlet, you’ll get more enjoyment when it comes to dressing.

Hopefully these tips will help you create a more functional wardrobe for the warmer months and potentially throughout the year! Thank you guys for rocking with your girl, be well and be blessed!

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  • Krystal D. Waiters

What other people think of you shouldn't be any of your business. However, when it comes to those who love you and are connected to you, their thoughts of you carry tremendous impact. It's great to have people in your inner circle who are able to impart their thoughts about you and how they see you. However, if it's coming from their deep rooted insecurities, and a negative approach, be very careful! Sometimes the people closest to you may lead you to believe that you're something that you're really not. Or have you believing something about yourself, that's not true, based on how they truly feel about themselves. Take time to evaluate your inner circle. Friendships should never make you feel you have to prove yourself to anyone. You are enough! Stand firm in knowing who you are and whose you are; and the people who love you based on that. They are keepers! Be well and be blessed!

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