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Serving: 5 Tips Every Tall Girl Should Know! (from a 6-foot-tall girl)

Updated: Jan 3

Okay, let me address the elephant in the blog room, where in the world have I been?! Chile, I don't even know, life got to life'ing and I just forsook my weekly posting. Needless to say, we're BACK! Bigger and better! We’re back to weekly posting. 'm trying to pick a "posting day", for right now, we'll say Fridays. I will definitely let you guys know if or when it changes. Either way, we're back with weekly content serving you, your dose of fashion beauty and lifestyle.

Also, I STARTED A YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!!!! I finally did it you guys!! If you are interested in viewing content curated from a tall girl and/or you're just a lover of fashion and beauty, please subscribe. I have a live video up on my channel now, a SheIN haul for tall girls. Check it out and let me know what you think. The channel is Waiters Serves Style!

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's get into this post. Today we're talking about fashion tips for tall women! If you’re a woman that’s 5’9 or taller, this blog post if for you. Let's get into it...

Embrace Your Height:

Many tall women have been conditioned to think that being tall is a bad thing. Hearing from ignorant people constantly that tall women are intimidating, unapproachable, and unattractive, can of course have a negative impact on how we view ourselves. We’ve all been there…standing out when you don’t want to, being asked dumb questions about your height like “why are you so tall?”, people assuming that you’re either a basketball player or a model (like those are the ONLY occupations tall women can have), and my personal favorite, being stared at like you’re an attraction at the circus. It’s all annoying, trust me I know. However, as irritating as people can be, embrace your height ladies! This is something that I had to really make a conscious effort to do (sometimes I still have to remind myself to continue doing). If you start viewing your height as a gift from God instead of a curse ,your confidence will go through the roof! Growing up, when I was struggling to embrace my height, my mother would always tell me, that I’m fortunate being so tall. She would always say height is like money, there’s no such thing as having too much of it.

Tall women are very fortunate when it comes to fashion! Most clothes (especially designer pieces) are made with tall women in mind. Our frames are able to carry pieces that shorter women aren’t able to pull off. For example, oversized blazers can be tricky look to wear because they’re so voluminous. This trendy item looks the best on taller women because we’re able to balance out the volume of the blazer with our longer frames. Change how you view your height and tailor your language and conversations to match it. We’re not “big” we’re tall, we’re not just models or basketball players, we’re tall because the Creator made us this way, and if you’re going to stared at, you might as well serve them a LEWK! Embrace your height ladies!

Don’t Limit Your Fashion:

Tall women again, have an advantage when it comes to clothing because clothes are made for us! Expand your fashion palette by trying different fashion trends that you wouldn’t usually go for. For example, the chunky boot is here to stay! Chunky boots are a great way to create balance to any look. Learn how to style this trendy item by paring them with flow dresses, leather leggings, or your mini skirts. Tall girls are able to pull any of these looks off because our longer limbs helps to create the balance and edge needed to be fashionable. Also, find the part of your body that you love to highlight and find pieces that showcases those parts. The art of styling is you making your clothes work for you! So push up those sleeves, show those ankles, and take a chance on looks that you wouldn’t usually.

Find Clothes that Fit:

This tip goes for anyone and everyone! One of the tips that I gave in my Shein haul, was when people show the smaller parts of their bodies, such as their wrists and ankles, they appear slimmer. Add in your height and you’re always going to appear thinner than you actually are. Elongating your looks lets your inner fashionista shine! I’m a STAN for showing my ankles and wrist. If I’m wearing sleeves of any kind, I almost always push them up and I live for a high-water pant! I’ve been plus sized most of my life and when I used to tell people how much I actually weighed, they were always shocked! I learned this tip years ago and always stuck with it! So, if you have to size up or size down, do what you need to do to find your perfect fit.

Heels are NOT Our Enemy:

TALL WOMEN CAN WEAR HEELS!!!! I personally wear heels 4-5 inches, because I just love them! Tall women shy away from heels to “not appear too tall”. We limit ourselves because again we’re conditioned to believe that being tall is a negative trait. LIES! I’m not saying you should wear them all the time if that’s not your thing, but you also shouldn’t limit yourself by not wearing them at all for the sake of “not looking too tall”. There’s no such thing! Try a heel that works for you. If you love to wear them, WEAR THEM!

Make Sure you Shift EVERY Room you Enter:

Make sure when you walk into a room, walk in with the confidence of knowing that you were literally created to stand out. Make sure your posture is on point and walk like the world is your runway (because it is!). Tall women have a tendency to slouch (I do it too) because we sometimes unconsciously want to “fit in”, STOP IT! Pull those shoulders back, pull that chest up, elongate that neck, chin up, and then STEP!

I hope these tips help you find the confidence to embrace your height, ladies! We’re beautiful beings, created with an advantage. Do the work that you need to within yourself to walk in the boldness that God has given us. You are beautiful and so is your height! Ignore anyone who doesn’t see or celebrate that!

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