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Serving: Do what you know, then you’ll know what to do.

Have you ever needed help making a decision? Or have you ever needed guidance in general, in any situation, asking God for a sign? You even find yourself making weird parallels or deep connections that will somehow help you make sense of something, to then proceed with either potential decision. Or even consulting people just so they can tell you “God will give you the answer just wait”.

Then you wait...and wait...and wait...and then nothing! You’re left so confused. This has happened to me more times than I like to admit.

For those who still need me to clarify, here are some examples. Think of weight loss. We look for new trendy diets, a trainer, maybe even “magical” equipment, to do what we already KNOW to do. Healthy diet and exercise. Or even think of relationships. We look for signs to help us “figure out” if the person we’re dealing with is the “one”, when deep down inside we KNOW (most of the time based on their behaviors) that they don’t deserve us. However, we somehow convince ourselves, based on our wants, that if we make concessions for them and settle for less than, they’ll hopefully turn out to be who we want them to be. Then when situations or relationships don’t turn out the way we want them to, we have the audacity to be pissed with God and ourselves. When from the beginning, we already knew what to do. Even for me personally, starting a YouTube channel and getting back into the creative space, it has been difficult. I was waiting around for “things to happen” without doing my part.

I believe we already know what to do based on what we know to be true and what is “now” in front of us. Which in turn, helps us to know how to move forward. We know the right and wrong in most situations. We know the good and the bad, we know what it means to take risks. We even know what we need to do to be the best versions of ourselves in most aspects of our lives. However, we choose otherwise, based on comfort, intellect, the sometimes curse of knowledge that keeps us in analysis paralysis (I’ll tackle that in another post), or simply put, laziness or rebellion. Trust me, I’ve dealt with all of these!

God has already equipped us with everything that we need to just be and to live a life of peace and abundance, regardless of what happens. Have we exhausted all of the resources that God has given us? Are we trusting in Him only? Are we fearful? Are we too comfortable? We usually know the answers to these questions and when we’re honest enough to answer them, we then will know what to do to move forward. Once we do what we know, we’ll know what to do. When you’re a believer in Christ you have an advantage, because God‘s promises are true. We have a blueprint, the Word of God, to guide and direct us, in addition to the Holy Spirit! If that alone doesn’t get us to move past our comfort zones, to be the best versions of ourselves, I’m pretty certain nothing else will. Do your part, be open to refinement from the Lord, and He will do the rest. I assure you of that. As massive and great God is, one thing He is not is forceful.

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