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Serving: Hello, it’s me!

Updated: Jan 3

Get to know the CEO of Waiters Serves Style!

Hello Fam!! For today’s blog post, I’m stepping away from fashion and beauty for a bit, and letting you guys know more a little about me. I realized that I really haven’t done something like this on any of my platforms so here goes!

My brand was started in 2014, as just a fun way to express my creativity through fashion. That was the first time I started blogging however, I’ve been a stylist ever since I can remember. I started out styling outfits for my family and friends, which eventually led to me styling outfits for other people and getting paid for it. In 2019, I was signed to Envy Modeling Agency based out of Los Angeles, where I’m currently still a signed model. I’ve been featured on blogs such as Fashion Bomb Daily and have worked with brands such as Shein and Boohoo. I’ve made several television appearances on Good Day DC and Good Day LA. In 2020, I also started taking on clients for makeup artistry. In addition to all of the things mentioned, I’ve served as a creative director for several Baltimore based fashion shows and countless photo shoots. Right now, I’m glad to have ventured out into the world of YouTube. Literally, anything related to fashion and beauty, I’ve done it! I’m grateful for how far I’ve come and I’m looking forward to excelling in this next chapter.

A little more about myself. My name is Krystal Waiters and my brand’s name is a play on my last name. I’m born and raised in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and for my full-time job I’m an Addiction Therapist and have been one since 2008. I’ve always had a love for helping people! In addition to loving all things related to fashion and beauty I also love music! I’m not a singer by any means however, I have deep and profound love for music. Lastly, lastly! Over every other thing that I love in my life, I truly LOVE Jesus! My blog initially started out as an inspirational blog, encouraging young adults to stay the course in the midst of life’s challenges. I will soon start incorporating more post like that again.

I’ve never been more committed to my brand as I am now. Now with YouTube and how fast my community is growing, I have found my niche. Being a creative in general is not an easy task. Trust me, I’ve quit several times! However, if you’re anything like me, if you can’t create what’s the point! So, THANK YOU, to everyone who has been with me on this journey and those who are just starting out with me. It’s only up from here!

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