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Serving: How to Create the Perfect Outfit! 5 Tips on how to make your outfit pop!

Creating the perfect outfit can be a daunting task for some people. Trying to identify what goes with what, finding the perfect size, knowing what’s “in” and what’s not, can be very overwhelming. Fashion shouldn’t be a chore, it should be a creative for expressing yourself. Fashion should be fun, affordable, and simple, yes simple! So, to keep you from dreading going to your closet to find something to wear, here are my five tips on how to create the perfect outfit:


Embrace more color! Color is a fun way to bring some life into your looks. Some people tend to shy away from incorporating color into their wardrobes because they either don’t want to appear too gaudy or they simply just do not know how to. If you aren’t bold enough yet to try adding color into your wardrobe staples such as pants, blazers, blouses, or dresses, try adding pops of colors to your neutrals with your accessories. You can add a bright scarf in a bright green, a handbag in a bright yellow, or a belt in a bright orange, that will be a nice contrast against your neutrals. I would also suggest challenging yourself to try a color that you typically wouldn’t wear and paring it with a neutral, such as a pair of red pants and keeping the accessories black. Spice up your wardrobe with some color!


Now if you’re someone who absolutely hates color, first of all, how?! But if that’s you,try adding some form of texture to your outfit. If you just have to stick to a neutral color palette, try adding pieces that have some texture, such as fringe, lace, leather, faux fur, or suede. Texture gives an outfit dimension and depth. It allows the piece to stand out and also gives your outfit visual interest.


Patterns are a fun way to give your outfit that extra pop! Patterns such as leopard print (my favorite), snakeskin, stripes, polka dots…gives in my opinion, any outfit visual interest without the effort. Try a bold print that you typically wouldn’t wear, and try finding it in a piece that you wear often. So for example, if you are someone who loves blazers, try your hand at a printed blazer. The key to pulling any item with a print is keeping the rest of the look simple. So, with that printed blazer, in let’s say, stripes; keep the top and pants in a neutral. The print should be the stand alone piece


An outfit that has shine, immediately draws attention. Now we’re not talking about being a disco ball, but pieces such as patent leather, sequin, vinyl, any metallic gold or silver. If you’re not bold enough to pull off a full garment with shine, try incorporating shine into your accessories. Have fun with them. Since we’re entering the winter months, try adding patent leather gloves, or a scarf with metallic threading.


My last tip to make your outfit pop is YOU! Your personality should shine through in any outfit. Whatever look you create, own it! If you believe you look good everything else will fall into place!

If you are looking for more tips and suggestions to make your wardrobe work for you, please make sure you’re signed up to the blog so you don’t miss a post. Also, make sure you’re following me on Instagram and YouTube for more fashion and beauty content.

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