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Serving: How to Look More Expensive! 5 Tips on how to elevate your look!

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Nothing makes my soul happier (other than Jesus of course lol) than shopping. However, I do not like to spend a lot of money on my wardrobe. I have mastered ways to look put together, without breaking the bank. Whether you’re into designer ready to wear pieces or you like to ball on, check out my five tips on how to elevate your look.

  1. Make sure your clothes are ironed/steamed. I will be the first to admit that I absolutely loathe ironing and/or steaming my clothes. However, to make sure your look is polished and put together, a well ironed outfit can trick the eye into believing that less expensive fabrics are more expensive.

  2. Make sure you go for the right fit, not just your size. Do not hold yourself hostage to the number sewn inside of your clothes. Play around with different sizes. For example, a great way to create a chic look is to play with proportions. Try going up a size in a classic button up shirt and pair it with your favorite pair of jeans for an effortless vibe.

  3. Go for monochromatic looks. One of the easiest ways to create an expensive look is to go monochromatic. Create an outfit in the same color from head to toe. Some of the easiest colors to create monochromatic looks with are your neutrals, such as black, white, gray, or navy.

  4. Add a completer piece. Completer pieces are blazers, dusters, jackets , etc. A very quick and fabulous way to elevate your look is to drape a blazer over your shoulders. Accessories can also be considered completer pieces. Try incorporating statement accessories, such as oversized sunglasses or a statement necklace to your look. These items can make basic pieces popping.

  5. Own your look. Lastly, own your look. Confidence is the best way to elevate any look! No matter how much you spent on your outfit, if you don’t believe that you can look and feel your best in the clothes that you wear, why bother?! Make sure you are buying pieces that you love and that excite you. It takes just as much effort to dress great as it does to dress bad. So make sure you are looking and feeling your best at all times with the clothes that you wear.

Let me know how you plan on elevating your look!

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