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Serving: How to Transition your Wardrobe into Spring

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

The warm weather is slowly approaching and I’m excited. Although, the Fall season will be my forever love, I am super excited for Spring fashion! Due to our new normal, our wardrobes have changed drastically. But, if you’re a fashion lover like me, you too need to know how to dress for your weekly trip to Target. I’ve got you covered! For this serving of fashion, here are some of my tips on how to transition your wardrobe into the Spring.

Assess your wardrobe

During my past days of styling clients, I‘ve learned that many people do not know what they actually have in their closets. Assessing what you have in your wardrobe allows you to see the pieces that you need to remove and/or add for the new season. It also prevents overspending on clothes you do not need, helps to get rid of clothes you’re not wearing or clothes that are not in good condition and many times forces you to actually wear the clothes that you have. I make it a rule of thumb to do this before the change of every season. As we grow and evolve each season, so should our wardrobes.

Actually try on your clothes

Yes, try on your clothes! I used to teach my clients to dress the body that you have now, not the one that you want or the one you used to have. Keeping clothes that do not fit or that are not in the best shape is, to me, psychological torture! Wearing clothes of great quality and that fit and flatter your shape is the guaranteed way to make you look and feel your best. The only way to know what fits you and what doesn’t is to literally put your clothes on your body. For my personal wardrobe, I follow four rules set for myself. If I cannot fit it or if it doesn‘t flatter me, if I haven’t worn it in a year, if it’s worn out, or if I don’t absolutely love it, without question I get rid of the item or donate it. Make it a practice to not hold on to things that do not suit you.

Utilize your shoes and accessories

This tip may seem obvious, however many people do not actually know how much their accessories can transform any look. Utilize your accessories in every aspect of your wardrobe. For example, boots and sneakers are a great way to take make your dresses casual. Or adding some arm candy (bracelets), nice earrings, and/or dainty necklaces can dress up any loungewear piece. Your accessories are key ways to elevate your look, so have go to items that you know will compliment your style.

Add pieces that can be used multiple ways

Find pieces in your wardrobe that can be used multiple ways, for example the classic white button up shirt. This piece can be worn to work, date night, running errands...there are endless options. Closet staples, like the classic white shirt, are essential because they give you options for creating different outfits. Pieces like this should be in great condition and replaced regularly because of the multiple ways that they can be used. Stay tuned for my wardrobe essentials post.

Love what you wear

Don’t settle for items of clothing that don’t make you feel your absolute best. Find pieces that get you excited to dress up, pieces that you KNOW when you wear them you will kill. Fashion is a creative outlet to express yourself and I am a firm believer that looking good makes you feel good!

I hope these tips will help you take your Spring wardrobe to the next level! Comment below how you plan on transitioning your wardrobe to the Spring season.

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