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Serving: Quality knows no price tag! How to find quality pieces at great prices!

Updated: Jan 3

If you’re an avid shopper such as myself, you know that looking for quality pieces is like finding a needle in a haystack. However, many people have been conditioned to believe that when it comes to clothes and even makeup good quality items HAVE to be expensive. Not so!

Now, I’m not saying that all expensive items have great quality nor am I saying that all inexpensive items do not. What I am saying is, don’t discount either just because of the price tag.

Here are some tips for finding quality items:

  1. If ordering online, ALWAYS read the reviews! People will tell you exactly what to expect from the product. My rule of thumb is “everyone cannot be wrong”. If there’s some consistency in a product review, it’s usually true.

  2. Know your fabrics! Learn what fabrics will have great sustainability. Sustainability is key for pieces lasting. Luxury/Expensive items ideally, use better fabrics for more lasting power in pieces. However, quite often, you can find the same type of fabrics in less expensive pieces. Just do your research.

  3. Identify what pieces need to be of great quality. Yes, does everything need to be Chanel?! Now if that’s your budget, have at it. However, if you’re like me and not quite there yet, identify what you wear the most. Items that you use/wear the most consider splurging on.

Hopefully these tips help you when you’re at the crossroads of dropping a bag or ballin’ on a budget!

Deets on the Fit:

Coat & Boots:


Purse: Forever 21

Sunglasses: Free People

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