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Serving: Stand Out!

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

For years I’ve struggled with having a negative self-body image. Standing at 6 feet tall and over 200lbs, it’s safe to say I’m far from average, which at one point and time that’s all I wanted to be. I use to hate the way I looked because I believed that the very things that made/makes me unique and amazing, somehow was a mistake and a curse. Thank God for growth, wisdom, and a mother who instilled confidence in me to embrace and love everything about me.

That’s what my brand, Waiters Serves Style is all about, promoting body positivity and instilling that same confidence into others who may view themselves through that same lens of negativity.

Showing women that it’s okay to embrace and celebrate what makes them different. Relinquishing the societal and cultural standards of beauty by becoming the best versions of ourselves. That’s always been my goal and always will be. Has it been easy, ABSOLUTELY NOT. I get discouraged more times than I like to admit. Anything from feeling uninspired to focusing on the dreadful passive aggressive comments about my scantily clad taste in clothing. Or from the lack of support, to my favorite, people who pretend to support you but talk about you like a dog behind your back. I‘ve experienced every negative emotion possible as a creative! Sometimes it gets hard to ignore. However, the moments that I want to give up, something or someone reminds me of my goal for my brand and that is what pushes me to keep going.

Now, will that stop the negativity? Not at all, however, it helps shifts my focus to impact the people I want to empower.

So to anyone pursuing something bigger and greater than you, never forget your reason and your goal. And most importantly keep going!

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