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Serving: Sneakers and Dresses, YES it’s a vibe!

How to create a cool and chic vibe with pieces you already have!

One of the best eras of fashion, the 90s, is back! Back are the days where comfort was in the forefront of fashion and it took minimal effort to look fabulous! The resurgence of sneakers and feminine dresses is on the rise and I’m here for it. Not only does this trend allows you to create juxtaposition in your looks, it also allows you to wear pieces you’ve been saving for just special occasions.

How do you wear this trend, I’m glad you asked! This trend doesn’t require much effort, literally just find your favorite sneakers and pair them with your favorite dress and boom a lewk! In my last post about the essentials you need for spring, I mentioned white canvas shoes. These shoes are a great way to pull off this trend. For my real fashion girls try pairing your favorite high top sneakers with your most dressy/feminine dress for a bit of edge. Take a look at how I rock this trend below:

Comment below if you’re going to rock this trend!

Deets on the Fits:


New Balance574 trainers in blue ( Nike Retro Blazers (


Blue Dress ( Polka Dot Dress (


Vintage from Ms. BMW (my mommy)



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