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Serving: The Tall Shop! Shopping Tips Every Tall Woman Needs!

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

As a tall woman, the luxury of being able to buy ready to wear items from an actual store is like finding a unicorn, borderline impossible! Brands make it very difficult for women over 5’10 to find items that fit our long frames. If you’ve been frustrated in this area, I’m here to help! From my passion of shopping I’ve been able to narrow down some retailers (online and in-store) that has a thang for tall beauties! Here are my shopping tips for my tall beauties.

Know your Measurements:

Okay, this may seem silly, however, I find that many tall women do not know where their height comes from. Where on your body did the good Lord give you extra length?! For example, most of my height comes from my long legs. My inseam is 36-37 inches! The average inseam is 30-31 inches. It is crucial to know your measurements to be able to identify what pieces you need in extended sizing and pieces that you can get away with regular sizing. So find you some measuring tape and get to measuring. Measure from your armpit to your wrists, from the inside of your leg to the inside of your ankle, measure your waist, and measure your hips. Memorize the measurements! This information is important to keep handy, so you are able to refer to any measurement chart to see if a garment will work for you. Yes, actually read the sizing guides!

Embrace Online Shopping:

Online shopping, in the last year has become most people’s go-to in terms of shopping. Knowing your measurements gives you more headway with making the right purchases online and in stores. All retailers provide sizing charts online and/or in stores, listing their measurements in inches and centimeters. I would strongly recommend that you find brands that offer tall options for fitting. Some of my favorites are ASOS, Boohoo, Missguided, PrettyLittleThing, and Old Navy.

There is a Difference Between Long and Tall:

Yes, there is a difference between extended sizes that comes in long vs tall. “Long” sizing is extended two inches longer than than the average. “Tall” sizing extends up to six inches longer. Therefore choose tall over long however, any extra length is better than none at all.

Show Those Ankles and Wrists:

I mentioned this tip in one of my YouTube videos (SheIN Haul, if you haven’t check it out please do so). Showing your wrist and ankles are easy ways to appear slimmer. Since clothes naturally hang better on taller women, shorter silhouettes immediately gives off a “model off duty” vibe!

Invest in Pieces that you Wear Regularly:

Invest in your pieces that you wear often where you need the extra length. Whether it’s a pair of jeans, slacks, jackets, or a blazer, invest in those pieces. Find items that are the perfect length and fit and invest in getting them to fit perfectly. Find a tailor or seamstress that can help you achieve it.

These are some of my shopping tips that have helped me find the best pieces that work for my tall frame. Hopefully you’ll find them useful as well!

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