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Serving: Top Fashion Trends from 2021

HAPPY NEW YEAR, Fam! We’re well into 2022 and we’re off to a great start! I pray that you all had a wonderful holiday season and are ready for more content from Waiters Serves Style! We’re kicking off the new year recapping my favorite trends from 2021. Let’s get into it!

2021 was a year of great transition, globally and individually. We also transitioned out of our lounge wear that we all accumulated from the dreadful 2020 into fabulous looks in 2021. As we prayerfully continue to transition out of this pandemic, we have to be ready to serve all the looks! Hopefully these trends will continue into 2022.

First up, the first trend that I have absolutely been loving is the chunky boot/shoe trend! From the infamous chunky boots to now the chunky loafers, this trend has lasted all through out last year! My favorite way to pair this trend is with really girly dresses or with a bomb blazer!

The next trend that I’ve been loving is sneakers with anything. Although, I’m a heel lover and wearer, I’ve been loving sneakers and loving them paired with just about anything!

Now this next trend isn’t really a trend, it’s literally a wardrobe staple…it’s leather! I’ve been loving how leather has been worn in different ways and also all together! We’re not just wearing leather pants and jackets, but we’re going all out with dresses, shirts, jumpsuits, you name it!

Now although Gen Z would like to think that this trend has completely taken over, it hasn’t! However, 2021 was the year of 90s fashion nostalgia. Anything from fitted cardigans to straight leg denim. I’ve been loving that we’ve revisited one of my favorite fashion eras. I do believe these fashion trends are here to stay.

The last trend that had me gagging all year, is of course the oversized blazer trend. Oversized blazers are just so good! As a tall girl, the more oversized the better. Oversized blazers give such a “model off duty look” and give a level of edge that I believe every outfit needs. Oversized blazers are in my opinion, a wardrobe staple and will definitely be coming with me into 2022.

All of these trends are worth trying in 2022, let me know which ones you’re loving and will be trying. Please be sure to check me out on YouTube and instagram at Waiters Serves Style. Love y’all!

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