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Serving: Top Spring Trends for 2022

Updated: Jan 3

The winter season is coming to an end, although this is the time where the weather is a bit bipolar. One day it’s 30 degrees and the next day it’s 70 degrees. Needless to say, we’re outside and Springtime is on the way! #bars

So, that means, we must be ready for the Spring fashion trends. Today I’m sharing the top ones that I’m loving this season.

1. Mini Skirts: Mini skirts are making a come back this season. After coming out of a period of time where we have been so covered up with lounge wear, we’re showing more skin with mini skirts. I’m loving this trend because it can translate well on any body type. As a tall beauty, I have to be a bit careful because I don’t want my miniskirt to be a micro mini. The way I wear this trend is simply finding average length skirts and wearing them as a mini #TallGirlHack .Check out how I styled this trend below.

2. Very Peri: The Pantone color of the season is lilac purple. I’m loving this trendy color because it looks so beautiful on melanated skin. Actually, who are we kidding, every color looks beautiful on melanated skin. I’m loving this color because we’re paring it in different ways. It’s a great color to color-block with. Some of my favorite color combinations that I’m loving with lilac is brown, orange, green, and a deeper purple. Check out how I styled this trend below.

3. Platforms: Platforms make their way back around every couple of years and this Spring season they are on and popping. Thanks to Valentino and Versace, platforms are making a significant comeback. I love this trend because it gives a 70s vibe to any look. Now standing at 6 feet tall without heels, I’m not really sure if this trend will be really practical for me. However, I’m not a practical dresser, I dress in the name of fashion. So you just might see me in a pair.

4. Glamour/Shine: Again, we’re putting a way our ready to wear lounge wear and swapping it out for glamorous looks. Shine and glamour are not just for special occasions anymore, we're wearing it day and night. Some of my favorite ways to wear this trend is wearing it in ways that’s unexpected. Check out the fun way I’m wearing sequins and shine below.

5. Cut Outs: Cut outs were big last season and we’re bringing them into the Spring season. Cut outs are a fun way to sexy without being too sexy. Try cut outs in the most unexpected places, such as the color bone, arm, shoulder, etc. The way I’m wearing this trend is with flirty dresses. Check out how I’m styling it below.

Let me know what trends you are ready to try this Spring! Also, please check me out on Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube, all at Waiters Serves Style. Take care guys, be well and be blessed!

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