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You want to make me happy in life, buy me a blazer! If you want to make me really happy, buy me a blazer that’s oversized and makes a statement. Long gone are the days where blazers are just meant for office. Nowadays, blazers are completer pieces for a well put together outfit!

Incorporating blazers intro your wardrobe is a sure fire way to give any look that wow factor. I literally have at least 25 of them. Blazers are such staples, that they can turn a basic look into one that looks like you put some serious effort into creating.

Now if you’re someone who is just venturing into the land of blazers, try buying a fitted black blazer. One that is structured and tailored to the body. Black blazers provides that level of edge and sophistication that can take any look to the next level. Try pairing your blazer with literally anything and everything! For a cool casual vibe, dress up a basic t-shirt and jeans look, adding a black blazer simply brings the outfit together.

To make your blazer more summer time appropriate, style it as I did below, with a cute crop top (or bralette) and some cut offs. This takes the look from being too scantily clad to, model off duty.

For a sexy date night, try a nice slip satin dress and throwing your black blazer over your shoulders. Throw on a pair of heels and a banging clutch and boom…a lewk!

It does take much effort to create a well put together look and blazers provide that added touch. They are available at all price points. Some of my favorite places to shop for them is at the thrift shop in the men’s section. For my newbies, try your local department stores or some of the trendier stores such as H&M and Zara.

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A true characteristic of a style maven is learning how to re-work pieces into your wardrobe and creating fabulous outfits. It’s easy to buy new items all the time and create looks from store inspiration. The challenge is incorporating older pieces with the new ones. Not only is it exciting, it’s cost effective. One of the ways I love to do this is to shop my closet. Here are some easy tips to follow to re-work older pieces in your wardrobe with your new ones.

  1. The best way to re-work older items into your wardrobe is to make sure your clothes are arranged in a way you can see them. Yes, make sure your wardrobe is organized in a way you that you know exactly what you have. By making sure your closet is organized by color and item allows your creative juices to flow when creating new looks.

  2. Try incorporating wardrobe basics with some of your more flashier pieces. Like pairing a white button up shirt with some colorful pants. Use wardrobe staples like suits, by breaking them up you can get several looks from one piece.

  3. Accessorize! Incorporate different accessories with some of the outfits that you’ve already created. For example, if you wore a beautiful summer dress with sandals on one occasion. Try pairing the same dress with some sneakers and a hat the next time you want to wear it to create a new look.

Keep people thinking you have more clothes than you actually do. With these tips, make your wardrobe works for you.

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How to look chic in one color from head to toe!

In my last post I discussed ways to look expensive (if you haven’t checked it out, please do). One of the chicest ways to elevate your look is to wear the same color from head to toe! One look outfits not only elevate your look, but it makes you look slimmer, taller, and just overall put together. The easiest colors to pull off this look are your neutrals, such as black, white, or tan. However, for summer, try pulling out a fun bright color, such as orange, green, or blue and yes…wear it head to toe! If you are someone who cannot commit to the one color trend just yet, try doing a shirt, blazer and shoes in the same color but breaking it up with a pair of jeans. For my true fashion girls, try this trend playing with different tones of the same shade. Check out my spin on monochromatic looks!

Here’s my take on creating a tonal look.

Deets on the Fit:

Three piece suit:

Chain Slides:

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