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Updated: Apr 5

Baby, when I tell you 2024 has thrown some curveballs, it's giving batter-up! There're some things that have happened in the past two months that quite, frankly, was NOT on my vision board (if I subscribed to vision boards) for this year. However, I realized something, that during this season of "go-through" it has evoked some significant retrospection. It has forced me to evaluate what is really important in my life, while also reminding me of the resilience that's in me. In addition, I'm reminded of God's faithfulness to me and to every one of my situations. In every season He shows me how much he LOVES me and is with me. Now, don't get me wrong, my faith is in tack, and I know everything is going to work out for my good, however these feelings, have been all over the place! I had to come to the realization that my faith and feelings do not have to agree. God is so dope that, he gives me a line of defense when these feelings get out of control, which is refuge in Him. So even in the "go-through" seasons, you have the choice to focus on everything that is wrong or choosing to focus on the one that is right, God! So, as I navigate this "Red Sea" experience, I'm confident and know that God WILL bring me through! I encourage you all to stay encourage and lean into the things of God, because He's the only one that will get you through whatever situation you're facing! Be well, be safe, be blessed!

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In the DMV area, we received our first snow storm in quite some time. For the past several years the winter hasn't been winter-ing like usual, but now that we're here, here are some tips to elevate your winter wardrobe.

  1. Assess and purge accordingly! This will always be one of my tips when it comes to your wardrobe! It's imperative to know what you have and to be able to actually see it. Make sure the items in your wardrobe are items that you can fit, now, items that you love and items that you wear on a regular basis. When you are able to do all of these three things you will get the most out of your wardrobe.

  2. Do not shy away from color! Color is a great way to ensure that your winter wardrobe is next level! The brighter the better! Try your hand at incorporating bright colors into your winter staples, such as your knits, coats, and layering pieces. It brings visual interest to your look and also puts you in a great mood.

  3. Have fun with your accessories! Have fun with your accessories! Play with texture, patterns, and definitely color in your winter essentials. Take those basic pieces and put a fun spin on them by adding these elements. For example, try your hand at a colorful chunky scarf, gloves with a bold pattern, and coats in a different texture like fur or leather.

  4. Incorporate the trends! The winter time is a great way to incorporate some of the fashion trends for 2024! If you're interested in what they are, check out my latest YouTube video, linked here:

Hopefully these tips will help you elevate your winter style!

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So, 2024 has started and all of the holiday festivities have come to an end. We're even at the tail end of wishing everyone a Happy New Year (lol). So now what?! With all of the "new year, new you" slogans reigning supreme, where do we go from here. Setting goals or making resolutions are great however, where I believe we fall short in successful goal setting, is the lack of intention in believing that we will actually accomplish them. Here's the thing, it's counterproductive and also counterintuitive to set a goal and not believe it will happen or settling for less than what we want. There's a level of intention that should coincide with goal setting, especially if you're a Christian. I had to realize, especially this year, that in my goal setting I have an advantage. The advantage is when you recognize you're a child of God and when you're in relationship with Him, you're favored! That alone sets you apart from the rest. Dharius Daniels, pastor of Change Church, coined this phrase, "you get what you believe for". Meaning if you believe______, you'll get______. So, knowing that and also knowing that the foundation of my belief has to be faith in God because only he is able to do all things Ephesians 3:20! That's a nice guarantee! I encourage you to go beyond what you think can happen but believe that it will happen! Be well. Be safe. Be blessed.

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