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Serving: You Get What You Believe For

So, 2024 has started and all of the holiday festivities have come to an end. We're even at the tail end of wishing everyone a Happy New Year (lol). So now what?! With all of the "new year, new you" slogans reigning supreme, where do we go from here. Setting goals or making resolutions are great however, where I believe we fall short in successful goal setting, is the lack of intention in believing that we will actually accomplish them. Here's the thing, it's counterproductive and also counterintuitive to set a goal and not believe it will happen or settling for less than what we want. There's a level of intention that should coincide with goal setting, especially if you're a Christian. I had to realize, especially this year, that in my goal setting I have an advantage. The advantage is when you recognize you're a child of God and when you're in relationship with Him, you're favored! That alone sets you apart from the rest. Dharius Daniels, pastor of Change Church, coined this phrase, "you get what you believe for". Meaning if you believe______, you'll get______. So, knowing that and also knowing that the foundation of my belief has to be faith in God because only he is able to do all things Ephesians 3:20! That's a nice guarantee! I encourage you to go beyond what you think can happen but believe that it will happen! Be well. Be safe. Be blessed.

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