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Serving: When Life Gets to Life'ing...

Updated: Apr 5

Baby, when I tell you 2024 has thrown some curveballs, it's giving batter-up! There're some things that have happened in the past two months that quite, frankly, was NOT on my vision board (if I subscribed to vision boards) for this year. However, I realized something, that during this season of "go-through" it has evoked some significant retrospection. It has forced me to evaluate what is really important in my life, while also reminding me of the resilience that's in me. In addition, I'm reminded of God's faithfulness to me and to every one of my situations. In every season He shows me how much he LOVES me and is with me. Now, don't get me wrong, my faith is in tack, and I know everything is going to work out for my good, however these feelings, have been all over the place! I had to come to the realization that my faith and feelings do not have to agree. God is so dope that, he gives me a line of defense when these feelings get out of control, which is refuge in Him. So even in the "go-through" seasons, you have the choice to focus on everything that is wrong or choosing to focus on the one that is right, God! So, as I navigate this "Red Sea" experience, I'm confident and know that God WILL bring me through! I encourage you all to stay encourage and lean into the things of God, because He's the only one that will get you through whatever situation you're facing! Be well, be safe, be blessed!

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