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Serving: Alleviate the Weight of the Wait!

The process of waiting in my opinion, is worse than a slow death! There’s nothing that I would rather do less! The control freak in me likes to know what’s going on at all times! Realistic? Probably not, however it’s my reality. Waiting with patience requires a level of skill you must develop over time, intended to relinquish trust in the unknown. However, if the unknown isn’t God, that’s when the process becomes draining!! He's the only one that is consistently faithful! ALWAYS! It also, in turn, requires us to let go! Letting go and to be in perfect peace requires full trust in Him only! Easy...absolutely not! Worth it...YES! It's a very simple process that all starts with a decision. For those of you who are in a waiting season, I encourage you to be very intentional. Be intentional with your time, your energy, your peace and most importantly be very intentional in your pursuit of God! Be well and be blessed, Fam!

Deets on the Fit:

Coat and Leggings: Asos

Sneakers: The Fight Club

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