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Serving: Evaluate the Inner...

What other people think of you shouldn't be any of your business. However, when it comes to those who love you and are connected to you, their thoughts of you carry tremendous impact. It's great to have people in your inner circle who are able to impart their thoughts about you and how they see you. However, if it's coming from their deep rooted insecurities, and a negative approach, be very careful! Sometimes the people closest to you may lead you to believe that you're something that you're really not. Or have you believing something about yourself, that's not true, based on how they truly feel about themselves. Take time to evaluate your inner circle. Friendships should never make you feel you have to prove yourself to anyone. You are enough! Stand firm in knowing who you are and whose you are; and the people who love you based on that. They are keepers! Be well and be blessed!

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