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Serving: Living vs Existing, which one are you doing?

Have you ever found yourself feeling like life is passing you by? You feel like you’re watching your life play out on stage and you’re in the audience? You find yourself giving more to either a job, school, family, relationships...anything other than yourself and monotony is your way of life! Every time you begin to imagine doing something that requires you taking a risk, things come up and it’s easier just to play it safe. Many have been there!! Including myself! Sometimes existing is disguised as a comfort zone, which can create stagnation. In a weird way our struggles and frustrations can be our catalysts into our destinies! They can create a level of discomfort, that keeps our focus on moving forward. Never allow your comfortability to create an “existing” nature. Living starts with balance. Figuring out how to balance doing the things you love to do, taking care of yourself, meeting your responsibilities, and pursuing your dreams requires immense focus and are all very important. However, self care may be the most important in my opinion. Taking care of oneself replenishes the spirit, which equips you to be able to pour into others the qualities that make you amazing! So don’t negate living for just existing. Create the balance. Find and do what makes you happy and fulfilled!

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