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You took the risk, you made the transition, you’re excited, because of all of the possible opportunities that you’re expecting to happen. Then you find yourself unexpectedly experiencing things that were not a part of the plan. What do you do? Do you go back to what’s comfortable? Do you find another alternative? Do find another way to play it safe? I’ve found myself in this position more times than I like to think about. Many times I would go back to what’s comfortable, even if it’s dysfunctional, it was still familiar. Playing it safe has, in the past, been a prerequisite for me to make any type of change. Unfortunately, safe, along with control, is nothing more than an illusion. Life has a way of unconsciously warping our minds into believing that playing it “safe” will prevent us from hurt, misery and/or pain. Or have us to believe that if things are good and “comfortable” we’re walking in purpose. However, I’m slowly learning that our expectations are our invitations to what happens to us. When we align ourselves to God, we can boldly declare what we want for our lives. The caveat to that is, we must be willing to trust in Him only. Even when things don’t go according to our plan. If not, when life happens, whether good or bad, we can become distracted and lose sight of our goals and Him. Keep your focus. Don’t give up. Declare and speak the life that you want and follow, trust and obey the only one that can give it to you, God!.

Be well and be blessed!

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