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Serving: Thank You for Being a Friend...

Have you ever had a friend that you love so much, do anything for them but in a weird way, your friendship seems off? Stuck, even? Have you ever had a friend(s), where nothing meets their approval? Whether they say it or not, they have a strong spirit of correction on them and they’re always sitting in a place of judgement. Have you ever had a friend(s) who tends to try and “fix” everyone based on their standards? Their intentions are sometimes good however, the execution of the “helpfulness” and the excessive amount of it, can be annoying? If this

sounds familiar. I’m right there with you.

The last two months of my life have been a time of great introspection. This time has caused me to re-evaluate myself in every aspect of my life. Questioning my own intentions, my goals/wants/desires, and definitely the people I call and consider friends. It has been a scary process to say the least. Scary because, I’ve learned that some of the relationships that I’m in if they don’t change they can not go into the next season of my life. Which is a hard pill to swallow.

I believe that in our close friendships, we sometimes allow ourselves to be okay with things that we’re really not. Whether it’s due to loyalty, time, or to avoid having those difficult conversations, we settle for things that in my opinion inhibits the evolution of the friendship. Which in retrospect, makes for an inauthentic friendship. A true friendship should be a safe space to discuss anything, a space to be your complete self without judgement. Friendships should serve as a support system, not something to be proven. Being able to be your complete self without feeling judged constantly, is what makes friendships so sacred. Consider the changes that need to be made in your respective relationships. There is always room for improvement.

Protect your space, protect your energy. Find a circle that is right for you. The real you!

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