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Serving: Three reasons why you never have nothing to wear!

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Happy Holidays, Fam! It’s Holiday Season 2021 and if you’re anything like me, while shopping for others, you’re also picking up items for yourself! No judgement. Now if you’re picking up clothes because you “don’t have nothing to wear”, for your next holiday function, this post is for you!

Here are three reasons why you never have nothing to wear.

1. Not Enough Basics: Basics are essential pieces in your wardrobe, they’re the back drop of any outfit. They take the guess work out of creating an outfit. For example, if you want to rock a blazer in a bright color, pair it with an all black base (top and pants) and BOOM an outfit! Basics include a great fitting pair of jeans, a white button up shirt, black and/or white teeshirt, black and/or white turtleneck, faux leather pants etc…they are pieces that can be paired with absolutely anything and can be styled multiple ways. Basiscs makes statement pieces pop and allows you to try your hand at more trendier pieces.

2. Too Many Trendy Pieces: Speaking of trendy pieces, sometimes we have too many of them. My advice when it comes to trends is to tread lightly. Don’t buy trendy pieces because everyone else is wearing them, buy trends because you love the trend. Actually buy pieces that you love anyway, regardless of who is wearing them. A tip to not get caught up in the trend cycle, is to identify what your personal style is and what you want your overall look to say about you. Style is very personal, create one and own it!

3. Your Closet isn’t Organize: If you’ve been rocking with me for a while you know how much I talk about the importance of assessing your wardrobe. Making sure you’re keeping pieces that you love, can fit, and have worn in a year is imperative to avoid accumulating too many clothes. Once you’ve done that, please make sure you organize your wardrobe. This step is crucial in making sure you’re able to create outfits whenever you need to. Yes, be that person that organizes their closet by type of clothing, color, and season. You will be surprised how this step will take the guess work out of getting dressed.

Once you’ve mastered these tips, I promise you, you will never be able to say “I have nothing to wear”, again!

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